Rich Brandwein


Rich Brandwein founded PlanetConnect with Ronnye Schreiber in 1995. He has broad experience in Research and Software Development and sits on the board of a number of ventures, non-profits and associations including the BioPharma Research Council (BRC).

Previous to starting PlanetConnect, Rich served as CTO of Megasoft (now Innoveris), raising venture capital for the firm and creating a development team for a leading software distribution product. He also served as Chairman and CEO of the Local Group, which was sold in 2000.

In addition, Rich spent 15 years in research within Lucent Technologies, AT&T Bell Labs and SAIC Telecordia, where his efforts covered a wide range of technical areas. From optical switching and networking to chairing of a number of CCITT/ITU and ANSI data standards efforts, Rich led many business development projects at AT&T and Lucent related to the development of web properties that were transitioned from core research areas.

He holds a Master’s Degree from the California Institute of Technology and degrees in finance and electrical engineering from the Wharton and Moore Schools of the University of Pennsylvania.

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