PlanetConnect provides outsourced organizational, planning and management services for private proprietary or open discussion corporate meetings and trade shows. The unique business model features a supplier exhibition that accompanies the symposium. The majority of the organization’s usual conference meeting fees such as meeting space, food, and audio-visual equipment are covered by fees paid by the suppliers to participate in the trade show.  Also covered are the costs of the PlanetConnect planning team.  PlanetConnect additional offerings include many advanced meeting features, such as hybrid virtual/physical events, large scale live video distribution, mobile applications, high tech poster sessions and a dedicated meeting mobile device infrastructure.

We have consistently met and exceeded expectations for security for both on- and off-site meetings and have a wide range of testimonials available for review from our host organizations and their suppliers.   We enter into a strict non-disclosure relationship with your organization and can provide a secure meeting environment for meetings with Proprietary material. 

Our model enables your internal staff to concentrate on the Content of your event - we provide a dedicated liaison to your Program Committee that will attend all meetings and provide coordination with any internal resources, such as Meeting Planning, Procurement/Strategic Sourcing, the Art Department, the Mailroom, Licensing or other key organizations.   We regularly work with committees of nearly 100 members for our larger annual events and help provide reporting and suggestions to Executives before and after each event.

The PlanetConnect model has provided major Fortune 500 organizations with the tools they need to succeed in a difficult marketplace, while ensuring the highest ROI and lowest meeting costs possible.


In addition to basic meeting planning and production services, we have the capability to offer high-level tools and technologies to enhance your event. A sampling of these include: 

  • Technologies to enhance and enable in-person connectedness
  • Online registration and meeting management tools
  • Meeting apps for agendas, room location
  • Video clips for internal promotion  of events
  • Online Surveys
  • Electronic lead generation and retrieval
  • Remote online access
  • Video, web, mobile, and virtual technologies for
    remote and post-meeting access
  • Video streaming and recording
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