The Premier Partner Program

Premier Partner Program with MULTI-SHOW Sponsorships and Customized Marketing

This program is above and beyond the single event level. We design sponsorships that continue to place your solution-based message in front of the right end users and decision makers at Pharma/Biotech organizations. Your company will be strategically positioned within multiple shows/symposia as a Preferred Partner, Sponsor with prime site location and an expanded exhibit area. We can also design a custom marketing plan that fits your company's business plan and budget, giving you the opportunity for continuous branding while maximizing the return on your investment.

As a Preferred Partner, Sponsor at multiple PCI or BRC events and symposia, your company becomes an extremely prominent fixture at the live and virtual events as well as our pre-event or post-event workshops, market videos and webinars created around your company’s marketing needs or in conjunction with your participation in the pharma/biotech symposia that you select.   

UNIQUE Sales and Marketing Opportunity

  • We assist you to develop high value partnerships and strategic collaborations by bringing the Pharma Scientists/End Users and the appropriate service or product providers together at multiple live and virtual events during a given period of time.  
  • We assist you and your company in fulfilling its marketing and lead generation objectives.
  • Our event categories encompass IT and Informatics, Manufacturing, R&D, Human Resources, Sales/Marketing Tools, Preclinical, Clinical, Animal Health and Technology Innovation with possible focuses in Analytical and Outsourcing.
  • Market YOUR product or service to a broad community within the Pharmaceutical industry and Life Science Community while interacting with Bench Level Attendee Influencers, End Users/Scientists, Procurement/Purchasing Agents and C-Level/Executive Decision Makers.

To learn more about PlanetConnect (PCI) event and the Premier Partner Program, click the buttons below for downloadable PDFs. 


  • Multiple touches with the end user of your product or service

  • Continuous reminder to the Life Science community that your company is a cutting edge and a solution-base provider, no matter the complexity of the problem

  • Prime  positioning at events

  • More cost efficient

  • Major Marketing Add-Ons

  • Custom Solutions

  • Increase branding exposure and ROI


Exhibitor Testimonials

“ The PCI Pharma Technology Symposium is of high value to us and is unlike any other traditional show in the industry. It’s an opportunity to get together with so many scientists from different regions and R&D programs at one location at the same time. Our Key Account team can really focus together on our customers-in depth-and accomplish a lot of business in a few days.  We look forward to this event every year!”  David Hoekzema , Global Director, Pharmaceutical  QIAGEN

“ PlanetConnect’s internal shows allow me to talk freely with the company’s scientists about their projects, which I wouldn’t be able to do in an open forum.
And it’s good for them to all come to one location and compare the new technologies that are out there. They share information and bring others over to meet us.  That’s really refreshing." Dennis Holloway, Account Manager MESO SCALE DISCOVERY

To find out more about the Premier Partner Program
and how to become a Preferred Partner, Sponsor call:

Ric Siciliano
Partnership and Custom Program Development
PlanetConnect Inc.  1 Sheila Drive Tinton Falls, NJ 07724