PlanetConnect has a long history of partnering with a wide range of organizations, such as pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, to manage their internal conference/meetings focused on areas as diverse as broad coverage of Research, Development, Manufacturing, Clinical, Recruitment/Human Resources, and Marketing to specific "Deep Dives" in areas such as Imaging, Biomarkers, Best Practices in Outsourcing and Big Data applications.

Samples of the types of conference formats we have created include:

  • Senior scientists present main talks; junior scientists showcase their work via posters and discussions.
  • Event focuses mainly on posters, with the best generating oral presentations.
  • Global hybrid events including an interactive exhibit hall, webinar and webcasting elements.

    What our Clients are Saying

Post-meeting surveys indicate that 88% of respondents said they identified a new technology that would be useful to them in their research. 

A small sampling of attendee comments gathered in our post-event surveys:

“It was one of the best organized events I have had the pleasure of being a part of.”

“Valuable results, good leads, strong relationship building.”

“Broad overview of vendors and possibilities (biology), and exposure to different opinions about similar services/products.”

“I liked learning what other researchers are working on, even from those in my own lab.”

“It was vital that we hear and understand the strategic direction – as well as understand the momentum of the market.” 

“Access to many vendors in a short time.”

“Bringing technologically enabled scientists together to talk science.”

“Chance to network and the broad overview of novel and interesting technologies.”