The expertise of the PlanetConnect team expands beyond creating conferences with a scientific focus. We have worked with a variety of departments to create meetings that achieve internal goals for collaboration and ensure that both business and scientific/technical staff from across departments are working to support one vision.

Examples of our experience includes creating conferences in the following areas:

  • Drug Discovery and Development: Our conference model provides the opportunity for scientific and organizational leaders to bring staff together to share company strategy, exchange ideas, address challenges and seek solutions from suppliers. External licensing groups benefit from being able to gather and compare the capabilities of multiple suppliers over the course of the event.
  • Information Technology: CIOs and IT leaders often have staff in locations throughout the globe. Our conference model provides the opportunity to bring everyone together either in-person or via a virtual meeting space to make sure that there is consensus regarding tools, technologies and corporate strategy. Our model also enables IT groups that support the internal corporate infrastructure to realize the value of bringing staff together with suppliers to hasten the discovery of new technologies and solutions.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing organizations are constantly seeking new methods to create products faster, cleaner and more efficiently. A PlanetConnect Pharma conference facilitates a “deep dive” into those areas of the manufacturing process that are critical across the entire organization. Our tradeshow-type design brings suppliers and your staff into one location, creating opportunities for timely, innovative collaboration. 
  • Business Groups: As organizations continue to streamline, business groups have become more integrated with scientific departments. Our conference model, supported by a supplier tradeshow, helps to ensure continuity throughout the organization and that the needs of both technical and non-technical groups are being met.

We partner with the organizations below to ensure that each event is on track to meet the needs of the company, the attendees and the suppliers.

  • Procurement: As your conference planning partner, we deliver a unique tradeshow approach to meetings. We work with you to choose exhibitors that meet your goals and handle every logistical detail – all while protecting the security of your proprietary information. Leave the details to us and have your event committee focus on that they do best, creating the meeting content.
  • Strategic Meetings Management: PlanetConnect Pharma works closely with the Meetings Management organization to ensure that the rules and regulations of the corporation are followed for the event. This includes sourcing preferred hotels and ensuring proper logo usage. Strategic Meetings Management is an essential member of the event committee.