For over 20 years, PlanetConnect has created and organized large (2,500+), medium (400-800) and small (50-150) highly effective meetings.  Events include company - wide R&D or IT- focused meetings to Department "Deep Dives"  with bench scientists, research and development staff or executives.   

Whether conducted on campus or at an off-site location, these meetings are a unique opportunity for an organization’s global scientific staff to gather to communicate research results in a secure, comfortable setting that encourages networking and information sharing. As a leading Research Conference Organizer (RCO), we work closely with Strategic Sourcing/Procurement groups as well as internal meeting planners to ensure that the events match company goals and are of value across all R&D groups.

We have focused divisions to meet the needs of clients in a variety of industries.  For example, for Life Sciences organizations PlanetConnect provides specific events for Hosts dealing with such broad areas as R&D, Manufacturing, Devices, IT, and Clinical to targeted events focusing on a wide range of topics such as Imaging, Genome Editing, Analytical, or Single Use Manufacturing.   We have a close not for profit partner that we support, the BioPharma Research Council, which helps us cover topics in public areas that are multi-company focused, such as Medical Device Security.