At PlanetConnect, we understand that internal resources are best spent focusing on the content of the conference or symposium. As your partner, we are here to manage all the other details – from facility rental and refreshments to audio visual aids and event registration. Your PlanetConnect team will make your event planning experience simple and stress-free, while ensuring that you have a successful conference with the highest ROI possible.

While we appreciate the value of face-to-face meetings, many global companies don’t have the resources to gather everyone in one location. In these situations, we work with the organization to plan a hybrid event that includes virtual meetings and exhibit halls. We work closely with our client’s internal IT department and several key partners to seamlessly execute a conference that benefits employees across the globe.

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R & D 

Share strategy, drive development, exchange ideas, address challenges and seek solutions from suppliers.

Business Groups

Ensure consistent strategy is being executed among both technical and non-technical groups.


Information Technology

IT staff gathers to provide leadership regarding tools, technologies and corporate strategy.



Your conference facilitates a “deep dive” into critical areas of the manufacturing process.



Incorporate exhibitors and support the conference goals at little or no cost.

Strategic Meetings Management

Ensure corporate guidelines are followed for each event.